We get our products with a careful selection of basic raw materials. The raw materials used in the SiMet Production Plant are quartz, low ash coal, wood chips and prebaked carbon electrodes.
The overall chemical reaction can be written:
SiO2 (sol) + 2C (sol) = Si (liq) + 2 CO (gas)
and the products of the process are the alloy of high silicon(SiMet) and condensed silica fume.
The Silica Fume (micro silica) is a very fine non-crystalline silica produced in the smelting process of quartz and is collected/separated in the bag filter as a by-product. Micro silica is used as cement additive, which increases the strength of the concrete and led to a very smooth surface that prevents the concrete from water infiltration.
Silicon metal is mainly used as alloying element in aluminium alloys (up to 13%), as basic raw material for producing silicone (chemical industry) and polysilicon which are used in the manufacturing of electronic components and photovoltaic applications.

  • metal
    Silicon metal various grades 553, 441, 3503, 3002, 2502, 2202 with particle size 0-10 mm, 10-50 mm, 10-100 mm and 50-150 mm
  • fume
    Silica fume densified and un-densified