December 2, 2016

Participation on the Aluminium 2016


With properties that promise a bright future for aluminium, well known as a “white gold”, over 24.000 of visitors had a chance to meet. On the 11th edition of the Worlds trade Fair and Congress, among the 992 exibitors in Düsseldorf, Metalleghe Group had an opportunity to get closer to visitors with sales and production of the silicon metal which is widely applied in this type of industry. Aluminuim Fair represents a  great platform, networking event which takes role in international companies growth. During the Fair, the creative stand of Metalleghe attracted a lot of existing business partners as well as the new ones, who are a quite close with this type of metal. Beside the elder members of the group, Metalleghe is particularly proud of the positive feedback received for the new R-S Silicon plant situated in Mrkonjic Grad.