April 28, 2017

Second business forum “Jahorina Economic Forum 2017”

In aim that the Economic Forum on Jahorina become a traditional place for gathering both domestic and international professional experts in the field of economics, business people organized a two-day conference “Jahorina Economic Forum 2017”  under support of the Government of the Republic of Srpska and the Association of Economists RS SWOT. Continuing a tradition of socially responsible company which takes role in all important social, cultural and economic events, R-S Silicon  supported the forum  this year, as well. Among the participants from the region, representatives of the R-S Silicon took their honored place at the event where have had open discussion with the representatives of the highest authorities about all current and relevant issues in our economic system. Beside the main topic “Developing opportunities of small economies,” on the panels trough frontal participation of more than 30 domestic and foreign lecturers, the subject of discussion were challenges that small economies are facing with. There were discussed about relations of traditional and modern industries, potentials of power sector resources, lack of skilled on the labor market, problem of young people departing from the country and of access to modern sources of funding which further caused opening of various other issues.

This year’s forum fulfilled all expectations. Primarily the number of participants exceeded last year’s, which, according to impressions of then-attendees was among the largest economic events in the Republic of Srpska.